Why Wedded Bliss?

Our knowledge and expertise will be a huge asset to your wedding planning process. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with your fiancé, family and friends rather than worrying about all those small details of your special day? Having been in the industry for a number of years, we are very familiar with who to work with and who to trust.  We only use the very best professional services, and work alongside those who share our dedicated passion and high standards.  On your wedding day, you’ll be the star of the show, while we work behind the scenes making your dreams come true.

Here at Wedded Bliss we believe that just because you’re having a destination wedding, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same quality of service and meticulous attention to detail you would expect at home. We work with you every step of the way to create a tailor-made event that reflects your individual style and taste.  We ensure we only work with the best venues and suppliers the island has to offer to ensure that your ceremony and celebration is as wonderful and as memorable as you always dreamed they would be.

Why can’t I do the planning myself?

The initial idea of planning your own wedding can be fun, and if you were at home then absolutely, why not. The reality of a destination wedding however usually means stealing time from work to make calls or to email suppliers that you don’t really know from a bar of soap. On average this can take up to 300 hours of your valuable time! How do you ensure peace of mind that someone can answer ALL those questions and uncertainties that inevitably crop up at 3am when you are trying to get some sleep?  How do you co-ordinate all the different suppliers, will they show up on time (and not island time), will they get your vision?  Who makes sure that it all turns out just as perfect as what you have dreamed.  Unless you can call upon experience, it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether you will actually get what you want for your wedding.

That’s where we come in. Wedded Bliss can alleviate the stress, drawing on years of experience and solid, long term relationships with our suppliers.  With over 10 years experience in the industry and countless weddings under our belt, Wedded Bliss has learnt a thing or two, especially when it comes to sourcing the best suppliers. Like you, we want the best and our Team go above and beyond to ensure that each celebration is executed seamlessly down to the smallest detail, tasking couples and their guests only with enjoying themselves.

Do I need a wedding planner even though my family and friends have offered to help?

Yes.  Do you really want your bridal party or guests working on your wedding day or would you prefer that they are there helping you celebrate?  We know and have experience with all the best suppliers, and can act in your best interests with unbiased advice and recommendations.  Your friends and family have come to the Cook Islands to celebrate with you, and even though they have the very best of intentions, your loved ones have flown all this way and deserve to enjoy the day as much as you do and not spend it working.  A professional will not be delayed due to long lost family and friends that want to chat about old times. We are there to keep the day running smoothly all the while offering an exceptional level of service.

What are the benefits of going with Wedded Bliss?

A Stress Free Wedding!

We make sure you are relaxed and refreshed ready for your big day and we make sure every last detail has been considered. We will take your plans and transform them into the Wedding you dreamed of.  We are your exclusive wedding management team; we recruit the ideal team of suppliers, we provide you with the best advice and imaginative ideas, and orchestrate all the logistical details. This means you can enjoy all the wonderful moments that your destination wedding will be, whilst avoiding the pressure, stress and anxiety of the behind-the-scenes work. From small and intimate to large and lavish, every Wedded Bliss celebration is unique.  Passionate about what we do, we strive to ensure all our weddings are exceptional.

We want your first steps into married life to be Wedded Bliss.

What is the difference between a hotel or resort wedding co-ordinator and the Exclusive Wedding Management offered by Wedded Bliss?

A hotel or resort wedding co-ordinator works for the hotel, keeps business hours, and is often tasked with other roles and responsibilities besides that of planning your wedding.  As your wedding planner our loyalty and dedication is to you, our client. Our Team is involved from the very beginning of the planning process and we understand your needs and will cater to them. We plan as little or as much as you need, from finding a venue and suppliers, to recommending the perfect unspoilt beach, and we are always there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly, taking away the stress and worry for you.

There are so many different wedding planners and options, how do I choose who or what is right for me?

The most important thing when selecting a wedding planner is to find someone that you trust and feel completely comfortable working with. With all of the decisions to be made from now to your wedding day and the amount of time that your planner will dedicate to your celebration, you want to know you have chosen a planner that has the experience to transform your ideas and vision into reality. You want your planner to be experienced, available, quick thinking, and most importantly have YOUR best interests at heart – you only get one chance to make your day a success.

When should I start planning?

On average the wedding planning process begins 12-24 months in advance of the big day.  We will of course work with any timeframe and make sure your special day is planned to perfection and is exactly as you dreamed it would be.   Go on to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Wedded.Bliss.Rarotonga and read our testimonials. All of this will give you peace of mind that you are with, Rarotonga’s Number 1 Wedding Professionals

When is the best time of year to get married?

Weddings in Rarotonga are popular year round, especially from May through to October as things start to cool off in New Zealand and Australia.

Do you have kids or guests with kids?  Alternatively do you want to avoid kids altogether?

Ask us when the school holidays are so you can be aware when it comes to choosing your wedding date. We are a tropical destination and popular for families.  School Holidays  can see an increase in demand for flights and accommodation so let’s plan the best time that suits you and your guests.

When is the best time of day to get married?

Many of our couples envision the late afternoon sun setting on the horizon when they say ‘I Do’.  Other couples prefer the stunning aqua blue lagoon for that perfect picture postcard shot.
Don’t forget that if you are expecting guests, the flow of the day and their comfort should be a prime factor when considering the best time of day for your wedding.

We will discuss all scenarios with you, and there are certainly ways of incorporating all of your wishes.

Which is the best location?

Wedded Bliss Wedding locations range from stunning beaches, churches, garden settings or private homes. Where ever you think you might like a wedding we will certainly work with you to make it possible. We have created private intimate wedding ceremonies offering unique and personal experiences.

We create wedding settings that provide the complete Polynesian experience.  Rarotonga is the tropical destination that offers a paradise setting of white sands on a lagoon beach front, or lush gardens of the tropical jungle and hill tops overlooking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. We also have a range of restaurants, resort and conference rooms, umu huts and cultural experiences at our finger tips to create your Wedding reception. Please note that additional venue fees may apply to some locations.

If we were to have a wedding on the beach will there be other people around?

We have a number of beaches we can recommend that offer more privacy than others, and we would be happy to discuss this with you.  With that in mind, Wedded Bliss are the leaders in creating private intimate wedding ceremonies that match your unique and personal vision. We focus on you and your dreams to ensure intimacy and Wedding day magic.

What if it rains?

As much as we would love to, we can’t control the outdoor elements.  We are a tropical island, and as such the weather at times can be a little unpredictable.  It rains in the dry season, and we have a heap of sunshine in the ‘wet’ season. However, never let some unforeseen weather spoil your beautiful day. It might not be what you expected or planned for, but sometimes the unforeseen can add fun and laughter to your day. Always remember the most important thing: YOU JUST MARRIED THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!!

(We will be prepared with a plan B just in case.)  Depending on your ceremony style and your guest numbers we can move you into a covered deck area or set-up a marquee (*additional charges may apply). We make sure we have suitable plans in place to provide for changes in weather.

If you want to keep a track on the weather in Rarotonga here are some great links to keep you up to date



What is the process when we arrive on the island?  When do we meet you?

Our communications with you are our top priority. One month out from your arrival we will send you a full schedule of your appointments and consultations, so you can plan your holiday fun accordingly. Your first consultation with us will take place one to two days after your arrival in Rarotonga, and lasts approximately 2.5 hours.  Your Wedded Bliss planner will come to your hotel, villa or holiday home. This is when we will discuss and reconfirm all the finer details of your wedding so we can ensure everything is exactly as planned.  Together we will visit your wedding location, submit the application of your marriage licence at the Justice Department and in general make sure all areas of your plans are on track.  It is our job to make your Wedding the dream event you imagined so any further questions or requests just let us know and we will always be happy to assist.

Will we have a detailed briefing on the Ceremonial procedures?

Yes at all times we are here to answer any queries and keep you informed – your Wedding Ceremony briefing will be arranged with you and included in your schedule so you are comfortable with the order of events for your Wedding day.

Can we have a Reverend or Minister from a particular religious denomination?

If they are available, this can certainly be arranged for you. Please note that for Catholic wedding ceremonies, there are additional requirements imposed by the church that must be fulfilled before they will give permission for a Priest to officiate your wedding.

Do we meet the Celebrant before our wedding?

Absolutely yes, you will meet your Celebrant prior to your wedding day. Our role is to make sure you are comfortable with everything that will happen during the Ceremony and feeling at ease with your Celebrant is extremely important. Our Wedded Bliss Celebrants have worked with us for many years and are not just part of our company but great respected friends.

Do we have to write our own vows?

Our Wedded Bliss Celebrants will create and personalise a service just for you.  They have a range of vow options to suit all couples, from intimate and romantic, to the light-hearted and humorous, with a touch of something in between.  Many couples also chose to write their own vows to add that individual touch. Either way, whatever you decide it is easily incorporated into your ceremony. Your wedding is about your preferences and we are here to facilitate your individual touches with ease. If you have readings, your Celebrant will also help you decide which reading is most suitable and at which time.

Do we have to remember our vows?

The exchange of vows is often emotional, and even the most staunch of Grooms have been known to shed a tear or two (although it could be allergies). So it isn’t necessary or recommended, as it can be a lot of extra pressure to try and remember what you need to say and when.  Your Celebrant will guide & prompt you throughout.